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Comprehensive Dental Care Services

General & Emergency Care and Restorative Dentistry Clinic in Chester

We offer a variety of services from routine dental exams to Emergency Appointments, teeth whitening, tooth extraction, fillings and much more. Additionally, we utilize the latest technologies and innovative techniques to provide detailed care and stunning results. Know about us and see below for more information about our services by our Specialist Dentist in Chester.

Latest Techniques

Innovative Tech

Certified Experts

General Checkup

After every 6 months, dental exam play a crucial role in maintaining oral health and identifying issues such as decay and oral cancer as early as possible.

  • Routine Checkup                                               £55
  • Inclusive of the diagnostic x-rays                   £65

Emergency Appointment

Dental emergencies don’t only occur when it’s convenient for you; that’s why we offer flexible emergency dental care when you need it.

  • During working hours (inclusive of any x-ray taken an/or Prescription).                             £70*
  • Out of hours, Weekend & Bank holidays  £150*

* With any treatments necessary charged extra.

Scaling and Polishing

This process leaves the teeth looking shiny and bright but also plays another role. The polish also gets rid of any imperfections and rough patches, so tartar will struggle to grow again. A scale and polish is a great way to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

  • Starting from                                                 £70*
  • Deep clean with pocket charting              £150*

* depending on the number of sextants.


While we always make every attempt to save and preserve your natural teeth at Specialist Dentist Chester, there are instances where a tooth or teeth might have to be taken out. A simple extraction takes out a tooth that’s visible above the gums. This is typically used for a tooth that’s decayed or damaged beyond repair.  No matter the reason for needing an extraction, we will give you the best care.

  • Starting from                                                   £125


Dental fillings are highly effective, particularly if the decay is discovered before it gets severe. It will prevent the bacteria from spreading and restore the tooth’s health.

  • Small Silver (One Surface)                             £80
  • Large Silver                                                      £120
  • Small White (One Surface)                            £97
  • Medium White (Two Surface)                       £167
  • Large White (Three Surface)                         £185
  • Glassionomer                                                  £69

Dental Crowns

Teeth that have been subjected to extensive damage or tooth decay can typically be treated with a crown restoration. Our modern facility provides dental crowns to Chester patients to help cover and protect the aesthetics of a tooth while also restoring its normal function.

  • Tooth Coloured Crowns from PFM            £600
  • Emax/Zirconia                                                £870
  • Post & Core                                                     £195
  • Recement Crown                                           £85
    Metal / Gold Crowns from
  • Non Precious Metal Crown                          £570
  • Gold Crown Molar                                         £620
  • Gold Crown Aesthetic                                   £915


Dental veneers are a great way to dramatically and permanently improve the appearance, shape and colour of your teeth. They are usually used if you are looking to make significant changes to the colour, shape or position of your teeth

  • Composite Bonded Veneer                           £320
  • Porcelain Veneer                                             £670
  • Emax/Zirconia                                                 £870
  • Recement Veneer                                           £100


If one or a few of your teeth have fallen out, it is more than just a cosmetic problem gaps – as gaps between the teeth may cause other teeth to drift in to the space. Over time, this can lead to extra tension in your bite, increased pain when chewing, or even difficulty speaking. A dental bridge improves the health and appearance of your mouth by filling in spaces with a false tooth supported by either crowns, dental implants, or a combination of both. At Specialist Dentist Chester our skilled dentist offers custom-made bridges to help restore your beautiful smile.

Price per unit strating from

  • Porcelain Bonded to Metal
    (Non Precious)                                                £600
  • Porcelain Bonded to Metal Precious          £700
  • Emax/Zirconia                                                 £850
  • Recement Bridge                                            £110


Personalized dentures are a tried-and-true method for addressing missing teeth. These helpful appliances can improve the appearance and function of your teeth after tooth loss and can make it more comfortable to speak and bite into food. Our dentist designs full and partial detachable and implant-held dentures for patients in Chester. Full-arch dentures replace every one of the teeth in the top arch, bottom arch, or both, whereas partial dentures are offered if some of the natural teeth still remain intact in the mouth.

Partial Acrylic Staring from

  • Partial  (1-3 teeth)                                       £550
  • Partial  (4-10 teeth)                                     £850
  • Addition of Tooth from                              £100
    Full Acrylic Staring from
  • Full Denture Upper                                    £700
  • Full Denture Lower                                    £800
  • Full Denture Upper & Lower                    £1400
    Partial Chrome Starting From
  • Partial  (1-3 teeth)                                       £800
  • Partial  (4-16 teeth)                                     £1250
  • Valplast (Flexible Denture) from              £900
  • Addition of Tooth from                              £100
    Per Tooth
  • Dentire Repair From                                  £70

Teeth Whitening

During a time when looks are very important, we understand why the appearance of your smile might be a concern. Thankfully, Specialist Dentist Chester in Chester, is able to help you deal with this dilemma at-home professional-strength teeth whitening. While there are tons of supermarket whitening alternatives, we offer a product that has proven to be superior to any over-the-counter treatments currently offered. Our whitening treatments, highly recommended by our dentist, will not only whiten your teeth but also help you maintain your amazing results for much longer than store-bought options. 

  • Starting from                                                  300£

Cosmetic Teeth Straightening

Consultation:                                                     Free
Price on Consultation

Implant Retained Crowns / Bridge / Dentures

Consultation:  Discounted Price                      £50
Price on Consultation

Root Canal Treatments

Chipped or decayed teeth are generally corrected utilizing a filling or a different kind of restoration when they are identified and dealt with in a timely manner. However, as the damage extends to the center of the tooth, known as the pulp, root canal treatment (sometimes called root canal therapy) may be needed to improve your dental health. A root canal is an endodontic procedure offered at Specialist Dentist Chester to eradicate infected pulp tissue and close off the affected tooth to return proper oral health to the mouth — if this is not completed, it could lead to a lost tooth. 

  • Starting from                                                  350£
    On a Single Rooted Tooth

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